Educational Products to help
improve your child's learning Curve.
Change the way children experience the
real world. Enhance your child’s imagination and thinking skills.
Creativity and Visualization can change the way children learning different skills.

Experience 4D  Zoo Animals At Home

Children can view different Zoo animals at the same time. Watch them play and swing

Interact with Animals

Pocket Zoo 4D has a special feature where children can touch the animals and see how they behave. This improves recall of animal and their behavior among children.

Visualize Real Animals

This Special Game bring Real Looking animals live at home upon scanning the game cards with mobile/tablet app. Educate children and help them visualize with real looking animals.

Learn Animal Behaviour

Children can learn about behavior of different animals and see how they behave in their natural life.

Educational Game For Kids

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D is an educational game that brings the zoo animals in 4D for your children. Children learn not only by watching but also by interacting with 4D animals. This experience with many animals is not possible in the real zoo.

  • Augmented Reality For Children

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Improve Learning Experience

Scientists have proved that children learn better by visualizing
and interacting with the objects. Help your child not only to experience
the animals in 4D but also to become a smarter kid.

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How 4D Game helps?

Education through play

Children learn about animals while playing with them

Enhance Visualization

4D animals help children continuously visualize the real animals

Interact with Animals

Touch, Interaction with animals help to understand the animals more

4D Animals For Your Children

Let your child learn and experience the world in a more smarter way. #SmartParents